Clifford I. Argall Scholarship

(pictured above left/right:  Dr. Pamala Fair, Caitlin West and Dr. Salamat Hussain )

2019 Winner - $1,000

Caitlin West 

Fortis Institute, Nashville, TN

(pictured left/right:  Dr. Pamala Fair, Caitlin West and Dr. Salamat Hussain )  


The Tennessee Association of Blood Banks (TABB) is dedicated to the advancement of professionals in Transfusion Medicine. One of the prime activities of the TABB is the granting of scholarships for students in a program leading to a degree with a major in medical technology (MT) or students seeking a specialist in blood banking (SBB) certificate. 


The application deadline is February 28th. The applications will be forwarded to the education coordinator. The education coordinator will confirm the candidates are currently enrolled in an approved school. The board will review and select the scholarship recipients by March 7th. The scholarship recipients will be invited to attend the Spring Meeting.


A scholarship in the amount of $1000 will be given for either MT, SBB or MLT. 


  • Applicants must be United States citizens or permanent residents of the United States.
  • Applicants must be accepted into or enrolled in an approved Specialist in Blood Bank (SBB), Medical Technologist (MT), or Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) Program.
  • Applicants cannot complete their education before the scholarship is awarded.

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